What is Salba?


Salba seeds

       Salba is 100% natural whole food that is a unique variety of the Salvia Hispanica L. botanical family. Salba is packed with more energizing nutrition than any other vegetable source, even Flax. After more than a decade of testing , no single food known to man can match Salba’s nutritional power. This ancient grain is rich inOmega 3 fatty acids, with an optimal Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, beneficial fibre, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin C, Potassium, vegetable proteins plus vital age-fighting antioxidants. Clinical studies suggest Salba’s unique nutritional make-up can : help boost energy levels, reduce blood pressure, improve your heart health, promote balanced blood sugar, aid in hunger management, promote healthy weight loss and support easy digestion. 

History of Whole Food – Salba

The whole food Salba is derived from an ancient variety of plant species belonging to the mint family called Chia. It’s botanical name is Salvia hispanica . L

Chia was an integral cornerstone of the daily diet that fueled the vast Aztec Empire. It was used by the Aztec to sustain them on long, ardous hunting and trading expeditions, as well as in battle. Runners would relay messages throughout their immense kingdom relying only on Chia for nourishment. It was also an integral part of their colorful ceremonial pageants and rituals symbolising enhanced vigor and longevity.

The Origin of Salba

Rooted in the past, rediscovered for the future, Salba is the culmination of over 10 years of traditional plant breeding solely using Salvia hispanica . L

The first experimental plots for Salba were started in 1991 in Argentina. A long campaign of intricate plant research was begun by painstakingly sorting the few white grains produced by the mostly black grain producing Chia plant and replanting them, researchers were able to provide a primarily white grain that has enhanced overall nutrient density to Chia grain. This superior new grain was named SALBA. The word Salba is a combination of the Chia’s botanical name, Salva hispanica . L and the Latin name for white “ alba “.

Salba has been cultivated through years of research and development to produce a variety that is not only the highest concentration of nutrients but also most consistent from crop to crop. Not only is Salba the most superior form of Salvia hispanica L., Salba is a blend of the only two registered varieties of Salvia hispanica L., Sahi Alba 911 & 912.

By 1994, Salba was introduced to Columbia and in 1997 further experimental crops were started in Bolivia and Peru. Because of the sub tropical climate needed to grow the Salba crops Salba is now primarily cultivated under controlled contitions in the Amazon Basin located in Peru – one of the last bastions of unspoiled places in the world.

Salba is grown using the same agricultural techniques as most other grain crops. It is sown mechanically and it is not treated chemically in any way prior to sowing. There are no pesticides applied in the pre and post harvesting processes. Salba is allowed to ripen naturaly and then the grain is mechanically harvested using a modified grain combine harvester. Once transported to our warehouse, Salba is put through a strainer to elimate any debris such as mud and stones. It is then packed in preparation for shipment.

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